How to Write an Essay: Rules and Examples

Essay: concept and characteristics

  • small volume — up to 10 printed pages;
  • the simplicity of exposition — the absence of complex sentence structures, abstruse phrases, boring scientific statements;
  • saturation with epithets, metaphors, and bright emotional coloring;
  • high uniqueness — 85% and higher;
  • own structure — title page, introduction, main part, conclusion;
  • Author’s position, subjective judgments, own opinion, supported by a theoretical basis.

Classification of essays

Tips for choosing a topic and writing an essay

  • Is it clear what the author wanted to convey? How clear is the meaning of the statement?
  • What basic requirements does the topic imply?
  • How does the author feel about the given statements? Does he/she agree with them?
  • What will scientific and social science terms be needed to justify the author’s position?
  • What can pertinent examples from real life, history, and life experiences be cited?



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Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart is a stuff writer with passion for education and psychology.