How to Make Reading Part of Your Life: 5 Steps

Step One: Prepare the cards.

Step Two: Create a scale of importance

Steps three and four: Mark in your diary and come back

  • Go back to the color you need. Let’s say you are short of time. You can temporarily set aside the cards on healthy living and creativity and start rereading only the cards on time management. Identify your needs at the moment and read ideas from the area you are currently interested in.
  • Separate. Don’t reread all the ideas at once. Read 5–20 views several times a day. The effect will be better than if you read “in a burst. Also, don’t forget to set aside ideas that have already become part of your life. No, don’t throw them away. Stack them separately so that you can see how you change visually. A stack of cards with ideas implemented is motivating, empowering, and self-esteem-boosting.

Step Five: Do It Now



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Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart is a stuff writer with passion for education and psychology.