Narrative Thinking: What it is and How it Helps Develop Creativity

Why are standard ways of fostering creativity not very effective?

  • In the classical sense, creativity is the ability to generate new valuable ideas. And usefulness, practical results, is precisely the goal for which various structures invest a lot of effort and resources in developing creativity in people.
  • Another non-academic approach says that creativity is virtually synonymous with novelty. Its usefulness may be incidental or irrelevant, and the goal of striving for it even contradicts the essence of creativity since an emphasis on practicality may suppress the process of creating something new.

How Narrative Thinking Can Help Develop Creativity

How to develop creativity through narrative techniques

  • world-building;
  • changing perspective;
  • the creation of action.


Changing (shifting) perspective.

Creating Action

Why it’s needed and how to measure creativity



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Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart is a stuff writer with passion for education and psychology.