Tips for Studying and Working at the Same Time

Tips for studying and working at the same time

The organization is the key to study and work.

Prepare a list of realistic objectives.

Try to reduce your working hours. It will help you to combine studies and work.

Use new technologies. They can help you study and work at the same time.

Make your environment help you to combine study and work.

Use study techniques that help you to work and study at the same time.

  • Underlining what you are studying will help you detect the essential information and summarize what you are learning correctly. When you have the whole subject well outlined, you will see how easy it is to understand it.
  • Flashcards can help you to organize the most important ideas and concepts for later review.
  • You can also find it very helpful to make mind maps. This tool will help you organize information and review it at a glance. It is a very visual study tool that you will surely love.

Don’t stop doing the things you like



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Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart

Jana Rooheart is a stuff writer with passion for education and psychology.