Where to Find Inspiration for Writing a Book?


Finding sources of inspiration

  • Nature. Musicians, poets, painters, and many others have found a source of inspiration in nature. Of course, you don’t need to be a musician, poet, painter, etc., to be inspired by nature. Even a simple walk in the park after work can work wonders. Besides the potential to find inspiration, you’ll simply feel better after a walk in the fresh air among the pristine beauty of nature!
  • Historical personalities. If you ever thought that you, a common man, would never leave your mark on the pages of history, know this: hundreds of real-life examples prove otherwise. Some people’s names are still on everyone’s lips, and some are little-remembered — but that doesn’t mean they make any less of a contribution to history!
  • Literature and Art. Although sources of inspiration in real life are plentiful, literary and artistic works are no worse. Movies, books, songs, and other expressive art forms can inspire and inspire. Besides, these are probably the most accessible sources of inspiration these days — after all, listening to a song is a lot easier than conquering Mount Everest! Here are a few examples:
  1. Escape from Shawshank. The story of the years-long friendship between two prisoners of hope, salvation, and revenge.
  2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. A simple and beautiful song about the eternal hope that somewhere in this world, something good awaits us all. Perhaps only a lazy man hasn’t done a cover of this song, so there are many different versions.
  3. Space Basketball. A movie about how basketball player Michael Jordan and the characters of the animated series “Looney Tunes” defeated aliens in a basketball game. Pretty inspiring movie, by the way.
  • It’s old and familiar. Sometimes the source of inspiration is somewhere near us, just waiting to finally be noticed by you. Try to pay attention to the familiar and familiar, to all the things you’ve done hundreds of times before — but this time, try to notice the details that have remained hidden until now. Any new detail can be the first link in a chain of amazing discoveries that will give you new vision and inspiration.
  • Motivational literature. Of course, it is also worth remembering all those countless motivational books, articles, and publications that contain the secrets of how to find inspiration and, if not to get a star from the sky, then at least to achieve your own goals. There are a lot of such books, and such books are different — some are longer, some are shorter, some are more detailed, some are more thesis-based, some are better, some are worse, some are more reliable. Some are not so much, doctors write some of science, some are self-proclaimed experts, some can change your life, and some are not intended for anything else but to bring the author income.
  • Of course, only you know what works for you. However, if you can, weigh all your options. You don’t want to buy a book with obvious advice for a lot of money, do you? If you’re going to pay, it should be for quality.

Change Your Point of View.

  • Look for new sources of inspiration. Quite often, there is simple boredom behind the lack of inspiration. If so, it will be quite easy to cope with; you just need to get out of your comfort zone and do something new! You may discover something completely new and interesting. Here are some tips in this regard:
  • Travel — Why? A change of scenery is sometimes a great way to cope with homesickness. That’s probably why you hear the advice to “go outside and unwind” so often. And, by the way, the advice is very good — the new environment makes the brain think in a new way. After all, you know that constancy can be tedious, so introduce a little variety to it, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the change!
  • If you have enough money for a long vacation in another country or an extravagant trip, you’re in luck! However, if you don’t have much money, don’t despair — you don’t have to go to the other end of the globe to get inspiration. You can go to a nearby town, which is much cheaper, or even get out in nature for a weekend. You may be surprised at how little you know about the places where you live.
  • Laugh. You can count on the fingers of one hand life situations where laughter will not help. The situation in which you are in a scrape of inspiration is not one of them! Yes, laughter is unlikely to push you to a brilliant conclusion, laughter is unlikely to allow you to immediately achieve all your goals, but it will help you relax, calm down and just live in the moment. In other words, laughter will make you open to new things — including things that can inspire you.
  • Connect with old acquaintances. Meeting up with an old friend, former colleague, or teacher can be a surprisingly pleasant experience, especially if you’re feeling homesick because you have no one to talk to. Accordingly, meeting with old acquaintances not only lifts your spirits but also inspires you with new ideas, new perspectives on old ideas, etc. Think about it: the people you would like to meet again are likely to be the people whose opinion you respect and to whose opinion you listen. Here are a few ideas in that regard:
  • Call friends you’ve lost touch with because you’ve moved or moved to another school.
  • Contact your old teachers and professors, especially if you were friends. Advice from a mentor will encourage you.
  • Write to distant family members you haven’t seen in ages.
  • Find out how your former supervisors are doing — those with whom you had a normal relationship. Here — similar to the advice from your mentor, only in terms of work.
  • Spend time with new people. Yes, spending time with people you know can be a source of inspiration, but talking to a stranger can be just as inspiring. After all, what better way to bring a new perspective to life than with a new person! However, not every person you meet will have new thoughts and perspectives. Some, let’s face it, will be the epitome of pessimism. You may meet them, but don’t be discouraged and keep meeting new people!
  • Look for more information on how to meet people — it will come in handy.
  • You can meet people anywhere — as long as it’s a gathering place. The best, of course, is when there is a gathering of people whose interests are similar to yours — for example, book lovers are better off meeting in libraries or bookstores.
  • Pursue the dream. Even if it is almost unbelievable, fabulous, and unrealistic, strive for it, and may you be rewarded! Remember the saying that “it’s not winning that counts. Is it participating”? It is not a loser’s excuse, as it may seem, but profound wisdom. Just the thought of not being afraid to take a step toward a dream that takes a million steps to achieve will inspire and encourage you for the remaining nine hundred and ninety-nine… well, you know. And even if life forces us to choose between “perfect and beautiful” and “real and attainable,” if you choose the former at least once, you will discover new, surprising, unexpected, and delightful possibilities. It will be great! Here are some tips for that:
  • Record a song or album at home. You may not be able to afford a studio job, but you can also find a free recording studio.
  • Write a book, short story, or article. Yes, pushing it all into print through a major publisher can be very difficult, but smaller publications will be much more… liberal.
  • Make a movie. There is every chance you can for a penny to make a movie that will become a cult, set new standards for the genre, and go into the annals of world cinema. However, it is much more likely that you just successfully performed at the local film festival.
  • Discover your talent for something. If you are good at something, declare it to the world! Yes, not every talent can make you a living, but just making a living can!

Appeal to Your Inner Self

  • Create something. By creating, you get to know yourself. You can see your own reflection in the finished creation by creating something from scratch. Whether a beautiful painting or a sturdy table, every creator leaves a piece of themselves in what they have created with their hands. It is created as a process that allows you to look very deeply into yourself, finding qualities that can become inspiration sources. Here are some tips on this:
  • Do good. Helping others, and especially those in need of help from others is a great way to look at life in a new way. By doing good, you will not only slowly solve the problems that prevent you from achieving your goals, but you will also give others a lot of warmth and make the life of the disadvantaged person in some way much better.
  • The person you are doing a good deed can either be a stranger to you (here, you can give the example of volunteer work in hospices and nursing homes) or someone you know. Helping someone else through a difficult life episode will not only help you find inspiration, but it will also strengthen your friendship with them.
  • Meditate. The benefits of meditation for anyone who wants to find inspiration have long been emphasized by all meditation practitioners, although scientists are still in no hurry to agree with them. However, while the tangible effects of meditation are debatable, its intangible effects are undeniable! Meditation is soothing, gives clarity of mind and thought, and is refreshing and empowering. Even 15–20 minutes of meditation a day can be very beneficial.
  • If you want to know the potential effects of meditation, just sit quietly on the floor or bed, keeping your back straight and your legs crossed. Set a timer for 15–30 minutes, close your eyes, start breathing deeply and think about nothing, or focus on a simple word, phrase, or image until they lose its meaning. Yes, there are more advanced ways to meditate, but this one will do just as well.
  • Look for more information on how to meditate.
  • Pray, if you’re a religious person. Saying a prayer during difficult times will guide and comfort you and give you the strength to cope with the problem and not fall into despair. Of course, how effective the prayer will depend on the strength of your faith, but let’s emphasize that the prayer of a person strong in faith invariably inspires him, and the prayers of those who do not believe are just words, meaningless, and leading to nothing.

1. Distractions Fight

2. Observe

3. Literature to Help

4. Convenience in Time

5. Take a Break

6. Add Music

7. Collect

8. Flush Out Unnecessary Thoughts

9. Limit Yourself

10. Pay Attention to Yourself



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